Tutorials for Auto Mouse Click by MurGaa.com

Given below are few Video Tutorials to get you Started with Auto Mouse Click for Mac. This Mac OSX Automation Utility allows you to Automate Mouse Clicking, Key Pressing and much more. You can also Download a step by step Tutorial as a PDF File.

Another quick way to learn about this Application is to Download Screenshots and view Various Features offered by this Easy and Advanced Macintosh Automation Application.

Screenshot of Auto Mouse Click for Mac OSX

  1. Watch Getting Started Video Tutorial to learn the basics of this Software. This Tutorial displays How to Add and Edit Actions to the Script, Displays what Actions and Settings are available in the Software and basically how to get Started with Mac OS X Automation with this Automation Utility.
  2. Learn how to Automate Mouse Clicking with a Simple Script. With the help of a Keyboard Shortcut, you can Add Mouse Clicks to the Script and Execute Mouse Clicking Script.
  3. Use the Press Key Action to Automate Single or Combination Keys (e.g Command + A, Command + Shift + X, etc). This Tutorial also displays how you can use the Min Delay and Max Delay to Randomize the Action Execution.
  4. Random Time Delay for Actions Executed by Auto Mouse Click Script. This Tutorial displays how to Automate Left Click with Macro Script, however the Min Delay and Max Delay can be used for all the Actions in the Script to Randomize the Time Delay before any given Action is Executed.
  5. Automate Text Typing with Data read from File with Type Line Action. This can be handy when you wish to Automate Webforms or Mac OS X Application which require variable Text Input.
  6. Use Audible Alerts to get Notified of Important steps in your Script. You can either use Text to Voice Conversion or Simply use System Sounds as Audible Alerts.
  7. Watch How you can Repeat Action or Script and Utilize this Mac OS X Automation Software to the fullest.
  8. Automate Text Typing with Human Simulation Mode on Android and other Emulators.
  9. When your Script Stops working, you can use Human Input Counter and Progress Indicator to debug Script and Preferences issue, watch AMC Stops Working and fix your Automation Script.
  10. Click at Random Screen Location on Mac with Auto Mouse Click by MurGaa.com

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